30 VI - 9 VII 2017

Guessing in sales does not pay


4 july, 18:00-19:30


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PSTP Gdynia
Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98

Create and Sell, or how not to sink in the creative industry. Tomasz Zieliński will tell you about the authentic curiosity that leads to the goal. He will also tell you how to be curious in sales and not irritate with such attitude.

Listening to the customer and sensing his or her needs is the way to understand the true reason for the purchase. The words also bear meaning that reveals important consumer issues.

Tomasz Zieliński proves that during business talks we often seem to "know" what our customer wants, losing what is so important in sales - curiosity. We get lost in the routine and we turn new buyers away from our products. How to change that? The specialist’s lecture will give us the answer.


Create and Sell vol.2 is a practical business, marketing and sales training for young entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Here you will find the answers to the most vexing questions. How do you design your business well and achieve sales success? Does social media sell and what does listening to customer needs mean? How to develop your own creative potential while building the competences of a businessman?

Specialists will share their experiences, inspire, motivate and show you how to incorporate interesting ideas into your life and confidently enter the market. The training module will consist of five meetings in the form of lectures and workshops, which will equip participants with a comprehensive package of practical skills and sales tips.

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  • A practitioner with 20 years of experience in sales. Thanks to working in five international corporations, he has gone through all possible levels of sales structures. Beginning as an advisor, leading a sales team, to leading a structured management of several regions covering a large part of the country.

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