30 VI - 9 VII 2017

Retrospekcje. Polish design of early 21st century


30 june - 9 july, 10:00-20:00


PSTP Gdynia
Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98

The exhibition traces the motifs related to the 50s and 60s design in contemporary Polish projects of applied arts. The displayed pieces show how well the native designers can combine elements of old design with the climate of modernity.

The fashion for retro in the world of design continues and is about to enter the next stage of its evolution. This is the moment in which the lesson of aesthetics of the 50s and 60s has been learned so well, that we no longer treat it with reverence. Today, worship has been replaced with analytical thinking. For the benefit of their projects, designers conduct “flashbacks”, evoking the past mainly through the approach to work and construction of objects. The fact that their search often lead to “retro” visual effects is only a favorable coincidence and proves that beauty comes from the function.

The exhibition Retrospekcje features more than 100 objects of applied arts created by Polish designers. These are: furniture, lamps, graphics, glassware and ceramics, textiles and other accessories. Almost all items are commercial implementations, though they are crafted, produced in “real time” and not en masse. The aim was to show things that are functional, durable, elegant, and - most importantly - affordable for the average consumer.

The concept of Retrospekcje is based on an original scenographic solution: the exhibition space is arranged so as to imitate a real apartment interior. When starting the work on the concept of the exhibition, I had in mind that I don’t want to talk about the projects from the front pages of newspapers and fashion portals - emphasizes Magda Jasińska. - I wanted to show the wider public that there are many Polish designers and companies that are consciously and interestingly inspired by the golden years of Polish design. - she adds.

Author | Magdalena Jasińska designer of Wood&Paper

Curator | Anna Diduch editor-in-chief of priv. magazine

Organizer | Agata Kondracka owner of Wood&Paper


  • An educated architect born and living in Wroclaw, passionate about design, with 14 years of experience. She draws her inspiration from the aesthetics of the 1950s and 1960s. When creating furniture she likes to experiment with expressive colors, textures and use untypical combinations of materials like wood and ceramics.

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  • Owner of the Wood & Paper brand, a specialist in customer service. An experienced salesman. In her spare time she improves her carpentry skills: cutting, polishing and gluing. She creates the containers and cacti that are sold under the brand’s name.

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  • An art historian, editor-in-chief of the "priv." multimedia magazine about design, architecture and art. Cultural journalist with many years of experience, in touch with the daily and specialized press. She had recently debuted as a curator of two design shows.

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