30 VI - 9 VII 2017



7 lipca - 8 lipca


300 places
Compulsory registration!


PSTP Gdynia
Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98

Design talks Business brings together entrepreneurs and designers who will meet to discuss common goals and market challenges during Gdynia Design Days 2017. From 7th until 8th of July, the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia transforms into a place of meetings, presentations, workshops and discussions about strategic role of design in business.

This year's edition will gather a total of 300 participants and 20 speakers from Poland and abroad, including representatives from diverse industries. What is characteristic for our guests is that they all stand out on the market by how they combining design with business. 

During the event, you will experience dynamic talks shared by well-known practitioners that relate to current changes in the industry as well as strategic role of design. You may expect to hear honest opinions on how entrepreneurs and designers cooperate. You will see examples of how products and services are designed strategically to deliver value that today's customers really need. During workshop sessions with experts you will have an opportunity experience it all by yourself and see what it means to work at the intersection of design and business.

Attention! Entries will start May 22nd.



7 july

09:00-10:00  registration

10:00-10:15  intro

10:15-11:35  inspirations

Anna Pawlak-Kuliga (IKEA) interviewed by Henryk Stawicki (Change Pilots)

lecture | What’s new on Mobile | Johan Adda (Pong Studio)

lecture | Innovation Alchemy | Maria Potoroczyn (Farenheit 212)

lecture | Trends & taboo. Let’s talk about one thing and keep the other unspoken | Michał Mazur (TrendNomad.com)

11:35-12:00  panel + discussion

In discussion will participate: Anna Pawlak-Kuliga, Johan Adda, Maria Potoroczyn, Michał Mazur i Henryk Stawicki.

12:00-13:00  networking

13:00-14:20  case studies

lecture | Design as strategy element for a manufacturing company | Katarzyna Borkowska i Tomasz Pydo (KABO PYDO)

lecture | Design in the sales process - design the tool | Dorota Cetnarska (AMS)

lecture | Design thinking and it’s role in a strategic growth of a firm | Radek Ratajczak (SHOPA)

lecture | What to do when designed innovation covers more than one country, and  in addition, it comes from a medical sector? #HumanBehindEveryNumber | Dymitr Romanowski (The Story)

14:20-14:45  panel + discussion

In discussion will participate:Katarzyna Borkowska i Tomasz Pydo, Dorota Cetnarska, Radek Ratajczak, Dymitr Romanowski

14:45-15:00  energy break + networking

15:00-18:00  hands-on block

*workshops and lectures take place simultaneously

workshop | Human Adaptive Design for Mobile | Johan Adda (Pong Studio) *workshop in English | link for registration

workshop | Design Thinking Sprint | Piotr Grocholiński (Warsztat Innowacji) i Beata Michalska-Dominiak (Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Łódzkiego)  *workshop in Polish | link for registration

workshop | Scrum Lego Game - simulation game /agile management workshop | Piotr Włodarczyk (Laboratorium EE)  *workshop in Polish | link for registration

workshop | How to build a Dream Team when working with designer? | Marek Adamczewski, Alicja Wianecka (MaradDesign) | *workshop in Polish | link for registration

workshop | What has diversity to do with innovation? | Maxim Deduskhov (Deduskhov) *lecture in English | link for registration

20:30-23:30  cocktail | Design befriends Business


8 july

09:00-10:30 workshop | Storm for creative thoughts | Zuzanna Skalska (360inspiration.nl) | *workshop in Polish

11:00-15:00 workshop | Design Safari | Henryk Stawicki i Justyna Turek (Change Pilots) | *field workshop in Polish